Moving Capital City will Take 5 Years: Bappenas

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  • Ilustrasi kota Jakarta (Illustration of Jakarta City).

    Ilustrasi kota Jakarta (Illustration of Jakarta City).

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas) head Bambang Brodjonegoro said that he has been studying the prospect of moving the capital city from Jakarta to outside Java. The study is expected to complete this year so that the preparation process and detail engineering design may be established next year.

    “The preparation for the capital city move may take 4-5 years,” Bambang Brodjonegoro said in Jakarta yesterday.

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    According to Bambang, the government will emulate other countries who separate the center of business and government. He pointed to the example of the United States who has Washington DC as the center of government and New York as the center of business.

    “The president has instructed me to study it further, and he wants the selected city to represent an ideal capital city for Indonesia,” Bambang said.

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    At present, Bambang said, the most likely location for the new capital city is Kalimantan.

    Bambang went on to say that the government plans to move the offices of the executive branch, whereas those of House of Representatives have not been studied yet. In addition, the government will built a building with similar quality with the State Palace.