PLN Cuts Rates on ICP Decline

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  • Mei, Tarif Listrik Golongan Rendah Diubah

    Mei, Tarif Listrik Golongan Rendah Diubah

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - State-owned electricity company PT PLN (Persero) has decided to lower the tariffs for commercial or non-subsidized electricity rates for September compared to the previous months. The decision was based on the decline of the Indonesian crude oil price (ICP).

    According to the company's press release on Monday, August 31, September rates are down by Rp23.17 per kWh to Rp1,523.43 per kWh from August's Rp1,546.6.

    The rate cut is applied to R-2 customers with 3,500 to 5,500 VA power, R-3 customers (6,600 VA and up), and B-2 customers (6,600,200,000 VA).

    B-3 and i-3 customers powers above 200 kVA will have their monthly rates dropped from Rp1,218.26 per kWh to Rp1,200.01.

    I-4 customers (30,000 kVA and up) will also have lower monthly rates from Rp1,086.12 per kWh to Rp1,069.85 per kWh.

    The tariffs for R-I customers (1,300 VA) and R-I 2 (2,200 VA) will not be changed. The same goes for 450 VA and 900 VA customers.

    In January 1, 2015, the government imposed and adjustable tariff scheme for 10 classes of PLN customers.  

    The scheme allows electricity rates to fluctuate depending on three factors: the ICP, the rupiah exchange rate, and inflation.

    The ICP dropped from US$59.4 per barrel in June to US$51.82 per barrel in July 2015.