Minister Susi Works with France to Build Sea Observer Satellite

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Ministry is working with the French government to launch a project to develop Infrastructure Development for Space Oceanography (Indeso), a program designed to monitor the condition of Indonesian waters, including the biogeochemical and ecosystem.

    Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Minister Susi Pudjiastuti said Indeso is a new paradigm in managing sustainable sea resources. “Sea observation infrastructure in Indonesia is built to strengthen Indonesia as a maritime state,” said Susi on Tuesday.

    Susi explained that Indeso is supported by radar, optical and meteorology satellite, as well as regional sea observation. By utilizing radar satellite, it will help the efforts in managing sustainable fisheries, protecting high biodiversity and improving the economy of coastal communities.

    “It can also monitor the environmental effects caused by climate change so that we can be more precise in determining the policy to mitigate natural disasters resulted from this phenomenon,” said Susi.

    Indeso is built by integrating the latest science and technology that produce marine data and information. In addition, the ministry also develops Earth Radar and Sea Observation Station in Perancak that is useful to detect illegal vessels sailing in Indonesian territory.