Hyundai Recalls Sonata Sedans over Seat-Belt Defects

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  • Hyundai Sonata (Dok. Hyundai)

    Hyundai Sonata (Dok. Hyundai)

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - South Korean car manufacturer Hyundai is announcing a recall towards 2015 Sonata sedans to fix flawed seat belt buckles.

    The flawed belt buckles were uninstalled correctly.  The metal tongue on the buckle can cause the device to jam, preventing the seat belt from fastening properly.

    The three-point seat belt were discovered by Volvo from Gotheborg, Sweden.  Volvo did not patented the device found in the 50s by saying that safety driving is entitled to everyone in the world.

    The flawed seat belt could increase the risk of injury or death if an accident occured, although the driver will be warned of an unbuckled belt through a warning light on the dashboard.

    According to the Lane News on Sunday, July 12, Hyundai is said to be unaware of any accidents or injuries among the 140,000 defective vehicles sold in the US and Canada.

    Service technicians from Hyundai will repair or replace the buckles in affected vehicles.  The repair process is expected to take less than an hour.