Expert: Fast Solution Needed to Overcome Economic Downturns

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  • REUTERS/Beawiharta


    TEMPO.CO, JakartaDirector of the Madani Nusantara Institute Prof. Nanat Fatah Nasir highlighted the need for swift solutions, such as a cabinet reshuffle in order to overcome the country's economic downturns.

    "The economic condition is increasingly weakening. If no immediate solution is found, it could lead to a serious economic crisis similar to the one that occurred in 1998," Natsir informed Antara through a short message here on Monday.

    Natsir, who is also the presidium chairman of the Indonesian MuslimIntellectuals Association (ICMI) and former rector of the Bandung-based Islamic State University (UIN), stated that one of the fast solutions to combating the weakening economic condition of the country is to reshuffle the ministers handling economic and legal affairs.

    However, he pointed out that the reshuffle can be done not only on the ministers responsible for economic and legal affairs but also on the ministers handling other sectors, particularly those ministers who are not working maximally.

    However, he affirmed that reshuffling is the prerogative right of President Joko Widodo, and it is his decision to revamp the cabinet.

    The issue of cabinet reshuffle resurfaced after the president hinted that he did not intend to replace his ministers.

    In an evening Iftar with the leadership of the House of Representatives (DPR) on Tuesday, June 23, the president emphasized that the ministers were now working and should not be disturbed with various discourses, including reshuffle.

    The president reiterated that he alone was aware of the track record of the ministers.