Minister Susi: 210,000 Indonesians Work on Foreign Ships

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Minister Susi Pudjiastuti said 210,000 Indonesian nationals are working aboard foreign ships overseas and some of them allegedly experience inhuman treatment. 

    “There are 210,000 ABK (ship crew members) who are working on foreign fishing boats overseas,” said Susi during a meeting of chief editors in Jakarta on Tuesday. 

    According to Susi, 61,000 Indonesians working on 1,500 ships around the Pacific Ocean are treated inhumanely. 

    Regarding fuel efficiency, Susi said that in the past six months there were no sights of people queuing to get fuel. “It means that the distribution is sufficient. We haven’t seen any shortage,” said Susi. 

    Susi also said how lucky she was due to various advantageous conditions such as the strengthening US dollar. “It is a blessing in disguise for exporters,” she said. 

    Susi continued that fishermen off the coast are experiencing a remarkable harvest. It has been reported that 100-kilogram tuna fish were caught in various areas in eastern Indonesia. 

    “We have to open gateway for eastern Indonesia to export its catches and make thousands of dollars,” she said.