Yahoo Acquires Brightroll

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Yahoo! Inc. expands it business by purchasing digital video advertising corporation BrightRoll for over US$640 million. Yahoo! Management said that the acquisition of Brightroll is intended to help the development of the company's video advertising sector.

    BrightRoll is an online video advertising company, with an annual income of over US$100 million. Yahoo's decision to step into the video-based business is expected to be able to boost the company's income.

    In the third quarter of 2014, Yahoo income from advertisement dropped by five percent. Yahoo was way behind Google, which had boosted its advertising income to 17 percent.

    Yahoo's acquisition over BrightRoll was the company's biggest spending after receiving a tremendous amount of budget from selling shares to Alibaba for US$ 9.4 billion on September 2014. After Brightroll, Yahoo plans to purchase chatting application provider SnapChat.