BPK Wants More Follow-up on its Audit Reports

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  • Ketua Badan Pemeriksa Keuangan (BPK) Hadi Poernomo. ANTARA FOTO/Andika Wahyu

    Ketua Badan Pemeriksa Keuangan (BPK) Hadi Poernomo. ANTARA FOTO/Andika Wahyu

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) complained about the "non optimal" follow-up on its audit investigations by law enforcement officers. BPK secretary general Hendar Ristriawan said that, as of June 2014, the Agency found 437 criminal indications through its routine audits, all of which have been reported to the police.

    Of the cases reported, 60 have not been acted upon. The state is estimated to have lost Rp33 trillion and US$840 million from the 437 cases.

    The BPK yesterday held a closed meeting with law enforcement agencies including the Attorney General Office, The Corruption Eradication Commission, and the Police. The meeting was done in order for these agencies to have a synchronized perception, so they all will have a common understanding on crimes and state losses.

    Adil Wahyu Wijaya, the Attorney General Office's finance and banking tax coordinator,  said that differences in perception are what causing the AGO to have minimum follow up on BPK's reports.

    "BPK has its own understanding of law-breaking actions, while we act based on juridical system, based on the Criminal Code," he said.

    In addition to perception differences, Adil said, each agency has a different understanding of state losses, depending on the law. He said the State Treasury Law, Limited Liability Company Law, and the Law on the Eradication of Corruption all different definitions on what can be categorized as a state loss.

    Eva Kusuma Sundari, House of Representatives' Law Commission member, disagreed. She said that perception differences are not the reason behind the protraction in following up on BPK's reports.

    She said that BPK's reports must be translated into "popular languages", so that "we can and the law enforcement can understand them."


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