Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Tax Evasion Scandal Whistleblower Threatened over Book Launch

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  • The launching of the book Saksi Kunci.

    The launching of the book Saksi Kunci.

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Metta Dharmasaputra, author of Saksi Kunci (Key Witness) received five threatening letters yesterday. The letters demanded he pull all of his recently launched books from distribution within seven days or else legal action will be taken. 

    Saksi Kunci is a book about one of the most controversial tax evasion scandals from 2002 to 2005 by Asian Agri Group. The threatening letters were actually aimed at whistleblower Vincentius "Vincent" Amin Sutanto who leaked all of Asian Agri’s confidential tax information, which Metta then wrote about in detail. The writers of the letters threatened to sue Vincent for defamation of character if the books are not immediately pulled from the market. 

    Metta insisted that he would not pull the book, launched on July 16th, from distribution. 

    "I will not pull Saksi Kunci (from distribution). I feel that I can still take responsibility (for the book)," he asserted. 

    The author, who is also a former Tempo journalist, is currently concentrating on providing legal protection for Vincent. Metta also called on all lawyers who still uphold their idealism to help defend Vincent. Metta still considers these five letters junk mail. 

    "If these letters are serious, I call on all the hearts of lawyers who still uphold their idealism to help defend Vincent, the whistleblower and justice collaborator for the largest tax scandal in the nation," he said. 


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