Wednesday, 23 October 2019

US Defense Secretary Urges China to Stop Cyber Intrusions

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel accused Chinese government and military of cyber intrusions to a number of vital institutions in the US. "We are concerned about the growing threat of cyber intrusions, some of which appear to be tied to the Chinese government and military," said Hagel during an International Security Forum in Singapore, Saturday, June 1.

    Hagel urges Beijing to stop the cyber intrusions and follow the international norms of the cyber world. He also said that he would meet with the Chinese delegation in sidelines of the conference to discuss the issue.

    The statement which was read before the Chinese delegation was made several days after a number of American media leaked documents containing Pentagon's fears that Chinese hackers had accessed secret US weapons programs and other US defense technology.

    Beijing strongly rejected the allegation. According to Chinese National Defense Spokesman Geng Yansheng, there were 'misjudgments' in the allegation. "First they underestimate the security defense capabilities of Pentagon, and second they underestimate the intelligence of the Chinese people," he said.

    The issue of cyber intrusions and documents stealing in a number of states and private institutions in the US recently have heightened tension between Washington and Beijing. Several media such as Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and Washington Post were also the targets of the cyber intrusion.

    The issue was so important that it was included in the discussion agenda between US President Barack Obama and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jin Ping on June 7 - 8.