W.R. Soepratman: Indonesia Raya Composer

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  • TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta:W.R. Soepratman really understood the characters of the movement leaders in the Indonesische Clubgebouw building, located in the Kramat area, such as Muhammad Yamin, Soegondo Djojopoespito, and Mohammad Tabrani. From Tabrani, he obtained information about the first Youth Congress plan that was to be held on April 30 to May 2, 1926. However, Tabrani tasked him not to reveal this information to the Sin Po news agency, where he worked as a news reporter.Tabranis revolutionary words set W.R. Soeparmans heart on fire. On the first day, he heard Tabrani yell, People of Indonesia, unite." He became more resolute in realizing his dream of composing songs that reflect such burning passion. Earlier, he was already touched by an article in Timboel magazine, published in Solo, Central Java, that challenged local composers to create a national anthem.The song Indonesia Raya was created with 6/8 bar (waltz) but it was later changed to 4/4 at Bung Karnos request. "Like the song Wilhelmus for the Dutch," he wrote in a letter to Van Eldik in Makassar.Besides Indonesia Raya, W.R. Soepratman also composed patriotic songs such as Bendera Kita (Our Flag), Pandu Indonesia(Indonesias Scouts), and Ibu Kita Kartini (Our Lady Kartini). There is also a song Di Timur Matahari (The Sun In the East) which was inspired by the establishment of the Association of Young Indonesians, a fusion of Jong (Young) Java, Jong Sumatra, Jong Ambon, and others. His final composition was Matahari Terbit (The Sun Rises).EVANS | PDAT | WANTO