An Explanation of Why Do People 'Humblebrag'



31 January 2023 12:30 WIB

TEMPO.CO, JakartaBeing humble with the purpose to draw attention and elevate oneself is a sign of humblebrag. It can be described as showing off with a modest statement, a behaviour of boasting while remarking it with humility or politeness. Usually to get the impression of being humble while also complaining, then start showing off.

A reference from the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, several reasons enable someone to humblebrag. The purpose of showing off is to obtain attention as a way to impress others. A desire to be respected and be looked upon.

Humblebrag behaviour

Humblebrag is a common manner among many in everyday life. Most of the time people might show this behaviour on social media or during a face-to-face meeting. Some of those people with this behaviour tend to believe that they are humble.

Someone who is humblebrag can be considered much worse than those who directly act arrogantly. Most people judge a person who shows off as more sincere and honest, even though that it's still arrogant.

The attitude of humblebragging is detested by many, referring to the Journal of Education and Learning, speak as what it is without concealing the feeling of usefulness to prevent humblebrag. Although some are reluctant, doing so could make a person more respected. When hearing other people's achievements, be empathetic and behave with the choice of words so it would not offend others.

There's nothing wrong with sharing achievements because it is self-appreciation. However, instead of showing off, convey it with low self-esteem. The term humblebrag was introduced by American comedian Harris Lee Wittels in 2010.

At the time, the word was used to highlight the behaviour of most rich Hollywood celebrities who tried to appear like ordinary people. However, humblebrag is currently not only limited to behaviour but also social media posting can also be a way to covertly show off.

Someone who is a humblebrag considers themselves to be loved and competent to do an activity. Modesty is seen as a way to brag or show off, but remain humble, according to the information from the American Psychological Association - PsycNet.

The main purpose of humblebrag behaviour is to avoid the sense of discomfort when feeling proud or showing off something. A humblebrag's self-shame is usually due to past experiences that make them feel like a failure. Or, for not having close relationships with other people.


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