Mount Semeru Erupts, Emitting Volcanic Ash Rains



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - East Java's volcano, Mount Semeru, erupted on Saturday, December 4, 2021, emitting hot avalanches and thick volcanic ash rains at around 15:00 Western Indonesia Time (WIB). Two districts in Lumajang Regencies, East Java were seen to be showered with thick volcanic rain.

    A Twitter user account @pambudi_dhani uploaded a video showing the condition during the Semeru volcanic rain which could be felt until Malang Regency. In the video, the sky was seemed to be dark as if it was night time while it was only 16:00.

    "Semeru volcanic ash [rain] today at 4 p.m. looks like a night time #prayforsemeru," he tweeted.

    In the video, @pambudi_dhani mentioned that his position was in Sumber Wuluh, Malang Regency. He called on the village heads in Lumajang and Malang areas to be vigilant.

    Currently, Lumajang disaster mitigation agency is monitoring the situation following the volcanic eruption. A number of personnel have been set to follow up on the current condition from the impact of Mount Semeru eruption. 

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