Expert Explains Falls in Antibodies After Covid-19 Vaccination



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    A small bottle labeled with a "Vaccine COVID-19" sticker and a medical syringe in an illustrated photo taken April 10, 2020. [REUTERS / Dado Ruvi]

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Clinical pathologist Tonang Dwi Ardyanto addressed the public’s fear of being more exposed to Covid-19 over the dropping number of antibodies following a vaccination, and said that this phenomenon happens after a vaccination or post-infection. 

    “All antibodies experience it. All vaccination results have [confirms this]” said the health expert, reported. 

    However, the rate of the drop depends on the disease, the main cause of it, and how the person’s body responds to it, which means each person will experience it differently and not only in terms of coronavirus. 

    He cited a report suggesting people have 98 percent of their antibodies intact 9 months after the covid infection. There are also reports suggesting antibodies remain after 13 months and starting to drop after six months.

    Ardyanto made it clear that dropping antibodies does not mean it will completely disappear and cited a report from the same study that found double vaccine doses are able to form enough memory cells to respond to infections to form antibodies.

    “This is much more important information. Why? Because responses from people vary in terms of antibody levels. So even if antibodies drop, we would still have memory cells,” he said.

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