Destinations in Yogyakarta Turn into Covid-19 Vaccination Centers



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  • TEMPO.COYogyakarta - Yogyakarta Tourism Department is preparing several destinations in the region as the centers of Covid-19 vaccination to help the government in fast-tracking the Covid inoculation program, especially for tourism businesses. Head of Yogyakarta tourism office Singgih Rahardjo mentioned several areas, namely Yogyakarta City, Sleman Regency, Bantul Regency, and Gunungkidul Regency.

    "Destinations in Kulon Progo Regency is also on our list as the vaccination center," Singgih said Saturday, July 24. In July, he went on, the Covid-19 inoculation in Sleman was held at Jogja Bay Pirates Adventure Waterpark on Friday, July 23, with 600 participants and Tebing Breksi on Saturday, July 24, with 350 participants.

    On July 28, the Covid-19 vaccination would be held at destinations in Bantul and Gunungkidul regencies. In Bantul, the inoculation would be held next week at Pinus Sari Hutan Mangunan, while in Gunungkidul, it would be held at Ngingrong Geosite. "The target is 1,000 people," Singgih said.

    The Covid-19 vaccination for business players has been started since the end of June and early July, 2021. At that time, there were 2,324 participants from Bantul.

    From 2,324 tourism business people, 620 are from Parangtritis Beach, Mancingan, and Parangkusumo Beach. 520 people are tourism business players from Depok Beach, Dpok Lagoon, Cemoro Sewu, and Gumuk Pasir. And, 661 people from Baros Beach, Pengklik, Samas, Pandansimo, and Cemara Cave, while 523 from Cangkring Beach, Kuwaru, Baru Beach, and Pandansimo.

    Meanwhile in Yogyakarta City, the Covid-19 vaccination for tourism business goers has been running earlier at Vredeburg Fort and parking lot of Gembira Loka zoo in early July, 2021.

    Gunungkidul secretary of tourism office, Harry Sukmono, said that four destinations would be used as vaccination centers throughout this month. "At Maria Tritis Cave, Ngobaran Beach, Heha Ocean View, and the South Shore," he said, adding that the next vaccination on July 28, would be held in Ngringrong Cave area.

    The government, Harry said, did not target on how many travel destinations that would be turn into vaccination centers, considering the available vaccine stocks.

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