Authorities Evacuate 20 Ton Dead Sperm Whale Stranded in Waters of Cirebon



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Ministry on Thursday announced a beached sperm whale was found lifeless in the waters of Bungko Village located in the port city of Cirebon on Saturday last week. 

    The ministry said the residents of the village reported the incident to the Coastal and Marine Resources Management Workshop (LPSPL) in Serang. 

    At the time of the discovery of the dead sperm whale, the water levels in the area measured at 1.6 meters due to the low tide which is insufficient to accommodate the 17.2-meter whale that is expected to weigh around 20 tons. 

    The Serang LPSPL team was immediately mobilized after receiving the report from locals that faced difficulties in evacuating the sperm whale to the land. It was eventually able to be moved to a safer place with the help of float drums and boats. 

    Based on the experts observation, the dead sperm whale was a male. The experts team is still studying the cause of its death before the remains are buried. Whales in general are species protected by the Indonesian government.

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