Jakarta Asserts 32 CFD Areas for Cyclists Only, Not Pedestrians



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaJakarta Transportation Agency asserted that the alternative Car Free Day or CFD events designed in 32 areas are only opened for bicycle riders.

    “Based on the evaluation of CFD in Sudirman-Thamrin and in order to prevent crowds, we facilitate 32 areas for cyclists,” said the Transportation Agency Head Syafrin Liputo in a phone call with Tempo on Thursday, June 25.

    Syafrin said the reason for only allowing cyclists to use the service was because bicycles keep moving, so it will not cause people to crowd an area. Hence, pedestrians are prohibited to join the event.

    According to Syafrin, the crowds in last week’s Sudirman-Thamrin car-free day were caused by pedestrians. “Pedestrians generate crowds so they are not permitted to present in the areas.”

    Syafrin said officers will order people exercising without bicycles to turn back and leave the area. The agency will deploy a total of 1,526 officers to guard the event that will be opened from 6 a.m. until 9 a.m.

    The alternative CFD areas are as follow:

    - Central Jakarta

    1. Jalan Suryopranoto
    2. Jalan Percetakan Negara 2
    3. Jalan Pejagalan Raya
    4. Jalan Paseban Raya
    5. Jalan Zamrud Raya
    6. Jalan Amir Hamzah
    7. Jalan Pramuka Sari 1
    8. Jalan Danau Tondano

    - East Jakarta 

    1. Jalan Pemuda
    2. Jalan RA. Fadilah
    3. Jalan Inspeksi BKT
    4. Jalan Raden Inten
    5. Jalan Bina Marga

    - North Jakarta 

    1. Jalan Danau Sunter Selatan
    2. Sisi Inspeksi Kali Sunter RBS
    3. Jalan Kelapa Hibrida
    4. Jalan Pulau Maju Bersama
    5. Jalan Benyamin Sueb/ Pademangan Timur
    6. Jalan Arteri Pegangsaan Dua

    - West Jakarta

    1. Jalan Gadjah Mada
    2. Jalan Hayam Wuruk
    3. Jalan Putri Harum
    4. Jalan Puri Ayu
    5. Jalan Puri Elok
    6. Jalan Puri Molek
    7. Jalan Puri Ayu 1
    8. Jalan Puri Molek 1

    - South Jakarta

    1. JLNT Antasari
    2. Jalan Sultan Iskandar Muda
    3. Jalan Tebet Barat Dalam Raya
    4. Jalan Kesehatan Raya
    5. Jalan Cipete Raya

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