Coronavirus Pandemic Causes 1.6 Million Layoffs in Indonesia



Markus Wisnu Murti

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The head of the COVID-19 countermeasure acceleration team, Doni Monardo, announced Monday that the pandemic had hit hard on Indonesia’s economy with thousands of workers laid off.

    “The layoff affected at least 1.6 million workers according to the reports from a number of state ministers,” said Doni in today’s press conference after a virtual meeting with President Jokowi. 

    He said this unfortunate condition pushed the president to order the acceleration of a coronavirus social safety net that was ordered to take effect this week across the Greater Jakarta area.

    The “safety net” the president refers encompasses the staple foodstuff aid from the Social Ministry and other governmental programs to prevent more unemployments. 

    The COVID-19 countermeasure team head also said the governmental aid would also be channeled to migrant workers in Malaysia. 

    The governmental aid the include the pre-work assistance cards, the PKH government aid, the direct social assistance, the staple foodstuff cards , and the distribution of food packages in Greater Jakarta.