Coping with Loneliness in the Time of Coronavirus Restrictions



Markus Wisnu Murti

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in Indonesia has forced millions to remain isolated in their homes as the government enacts large-scale social restrictionsespecially in COVID-19 epicenters such as Jakarta. 

    This situation may cause some to be struck by the feeling of loneliness, moreover, for those who live by themselves such as in Jakarta, or on the Java Island in general, which are home to migrants from regions across Indonesia. 

    The following are several steps migrant workers or anyone living alone can follow to cope with the feeling of loneliness amid the mass-social restriction policy. 

    1. Keep in regular contact with family and friends back in your hometown, either via phone call or any other means of communication. 
    2. Communicate your situation with close friends or just merely check on them to make sure everything is okay. 
    3. Be loyal to usual routines at home, which includes committing to complete work while you work remotely from home. Playing out a day as if it is a normal day can help us cope with the stresses of confinement. 
    4. Conduct activities that can calm your mind that can help restore your mental health. Engage in relaxing activities such as taking a hot bath, scheduling time to watch a movie or completing a series you always wanted to watch, reading books you had a hard time finishing prior to the coronavirus social restrictions, and many more.
    5. Stay fit and healthy despite being at home. There are many ways to maintain your physical health at home, there are many exercises that are compatible to be done at home, also, many online exercise classes have opened their services during the social restrictions, which is just one google search away.
    6. Get enough sleep or rest.
    7. If it is getting more difficult for you to cope with the coronavirus social restrictions, always consider the option to consult your situation with professional psychologists that offer online services. Expert services can also be found at SehatQ’s ask a doctor feature.