Saturday, 14 December 2019

FBI Fails to Uncover Murder Case, Police Search for Other Options



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.COBogor - The Bogor City Police Chief, Sr. Comr. Hendri Fiuser, expressed his optimism toward the ongoing investigation on the murder of female vocational high school student from SMK Baranangsiang, Andriana Yubelia Noven Cahya, despite the involvement of FBI that did not produce the result police expected.

    “Other ways are still available and we will be adopting alternate investigation techniques,” said Hendri on Wednesday, August 7.

    The technique Hendri refers to has yet been adopted by the joint police team comprising investigators from the Bogor City Police and West java Police.

    Several months back, police sent to FBI the CCTV recording of the attack on Andriana that took place on January 8. Unfortunately, the recording lacked the clarity and quality required to properly undergo the U.S. bureau’s digital forensics.

    “One technique still remains that have yet been practiced by investigators, which we will pursue,” said Hendir without giving any technical details about it.

    Andriana Yubelia Noven succumbed to an attack against her at a deserted alleyway located at Jalan Riau in East Bogor, Bogor City, on January 8. The CCTV recording obtained from one that was installed by a local resident showed the suspect already watching Andriana prior to stabbing a 22-centimeter blade into her chest.