Stones, Cash-Filled Van Confiscated at Police Complex Attack



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Following the fiery riot that broke at the mobile brigade (Brimob) police housing complex, National Police Spokesman Insp. General Muhammad Iqbal announced it has confiscated one ambulance vehicle owned by a political party that carried stones and envelopes filled with cash.

    “There are pieces of evidence. One of them is an ambulance owned by a political party that was filled with stones and tools. After it was searched, police discovered that it still had large quantities of money inside envelopes,” said Iqbal who firmly said that the case will be investigated.

    Police have yet disclosed which political party owns the suspicious ambulance.

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    The incident involved a mob consisting of 200 people that barraged the Police Petamburan housing complex with stones, Molotov explosives, fireworks, and bottles. These people also totaled at least 11 cars that were parked within the complex and a dozen more of personal vehicles there.

    According to Iqbal, police personnel managed to arrest 11 people involved in the incident where most of them originate from outside of Jakarta.

    “The majority of the mass came from West Java, Banten, and Central Java,” said Iqbal.

    Police are currently identifying the casualties of the riot and commencing an investigation on the string of riots that he says is a meticulously planned attack.

    “The incident earlier this morning was not spontaneous. But it was by design,” he said.