Democratic Party: Wiranto's Repressive General Tendency Shown



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Democratic Party criticized the government’s plan on forming a national legal team tasked to prevent any acts or attempts to delegitimize the Indonesia election and its results. This was previously announced by Wiranto, Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs.  

    “The human mind and body are not within the state jurisdiction. Wiranto is truly a general from the past,” said the Democratic Party's secretary gen. Rachland Nashidik to Tempo on Tuesday, May 7.

    Furthermore, he defended that one’s freedom to think and express is thoroughly protected and guaranteed by the 1945 Constitution (UUD) and that Wiranto’s fascist-like policy is the same as contending the constitution.

    “It’s truly embarrassing for Jokowi to consciously align with him and appoint [Wiranto] into a position as a state minister,” said Rachland.

    Another figure from the Democratic Party Ferdinand Hutahaean also thought that Wiranto’s statement somewhat reflects the government’s tendency to become more repressive and limit freedom of speech.

    Ferdinand called for Wiranto to drop his plans to form the national legal team and urged the former general to study the core principle of democracy and the law.

    Wiranto's Statement

    Previously reported on Monday, May 6, Wiranto hinted on forming a team dubbed “national legal team” that would compose of legal practitioners from numerous academic institutions across Indonesia.

    “This team will study the statements, acts, and ideologies of certain figures, whoever they are that have clearly violated the law,” said Wiranto at his office.

    In the meeting, Wiranto also mentioned about plentiful online opinions and comments that he claimed are aimed at provoking society to violate Indonesia’s law. He also suspected that there is a figure currently overseas that continues to entice Indonesians upon conducting unconstitutional acts.  


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