Why Companies are Tepid on Employing People with Disabilities



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The many elements hampering either state-run or private companies from employing people with disabilities can be traced back to the company’s lack of ability to determine the competence of the disabled applicants.

    “Many companies are incapable of determining the field of work for disabled workers, this is why I continue to remind companies to actually see the applicants and interview them before putting them into a position within the company structure,” said Nicky Clarentia Pertiwi, Director of Strategic Partnerships Disable Enterprise at the Cultural Education Ministry Auditorium on Saturday, February 23.

    Moreover, Nicky said that employers continue to fail to understand how to map out the competence of workers with disabilities considering that the most popular way to recruit is by filling work recruitment forms.

    “Take people with blindness for example, where they are commonly considered to only fit the position in call centers, while in reality, some of them can work as content writers,” said Nicky.

    Based on data provided by Disable Enterprise up to 2019, there is around 40 percent of potential employees with disabilities that are ready to work. However, their willingness to work is hampered by the companies that still need time to adjust their way to employ people with disabilities.

    “Those 40 percent consists of 450 applicants with a range of disabilities that are ready to work and has received professional training based on their competence. These people are spread across the Jakarta Greater Area,” said Nicky.