Sports Ministry Mulls over e-Sport Curriculum in School



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Youth and Sports Ministry is mulling over a curriculum to develop e-sport in education institutions. The Minister Imam Nahrawi said that the curriculum draft must be discussed along with Education and Cultural Ministry.

    Imam opined that e-sport has a brighter future, either in terms of industry and achievement. “We want to synergize with Education and Culture Ministry to facilitate e-sport in every school,” said Imam during a launching tournament of Youth National Esports Championship 2019 in Jakarta, Tuesday, January 29.

    The Minister explained that e-sport athletes do not merely play a game, but similar to physical sports, the athletes require trainers and must maintain fit health. “E-sport has sports values such as sportsmanship and cooperation,” Imam noted.

    Youth National Esports Championship 2019 is the first student tournament of e-sport in Indonesia. The event, contesting two games namely Arena of Valor and Free Fire, is held in 22 cities and involves 40,000 students and 5,000 teams. The champion will earn a scholarship and will represent the country in competitions abroad.

    The Indonesian e-Sport Association head Eddy Lim explained that e-sport could be listed in a curriculum of student activity unit (UKM) or extracurricular. According to Eddy, e-sport activity in school should not only about creating athletes but also develop its industry.