IndonesiaLeaks; KPK Claims CCTV Recorded No Evidence of Tampering

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  • KPK chairman Agus Rahardjo

    KPK chairman Agus Rahardjo

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Chief Agus Rahardjo gave his opinion on Indonesialeaks` findings which revealed former KPK investigators tampering with crucial evidence in a case that incriminated Basuki Hariman and Ng Fenny. 

    The two former KPK investigators in question are investigator Roland Rolandy and Harun who allegedly intentionally damaged crucial pieces of evidence in the form of Basuki Hariman’s bankbook that recorded cash flows to several state officials including the Indonesian National Police. 

    In Indonesialeaks’ investigation report, a CCTV recording showed the two former investigators ripping several pages in the passbook in an attempt to remove a number of information. 

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    However, Agus Rahardjo said that KPK’s internal supervisors oversaw the CCTV’s records and found no traces of the incident alleged by the Indonesialeaks' investigative reporting. He said that the camera partially recorded the incident since it did not blatantly show the men ripping the pages off of the red-colored bankbook. 

    “Internal supervisors checked the camera’s recordings, which it did record, but there were no visual proof of the men actually ripping the pages,” said Agus at the DPR/MPR headquarters today, Oct. 10.

    His statement concurred with KPK’s decision to send both Roland and Harun back to the Police Institution following numerous debates that happened internally within KPK members. However, after the Indonesialeaks' investigation surprised the public on Monday, KPK has decided to re-examine the case of evidence tampering.