Anies Baswedan on Becak Issue: `Give Them a Chance`

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan appealed to the public to fairly assess the reoperating of pedicab or commonly known as becak in the capital city. According to him, becak drivers should have a chance as other professions.

    “Don’t belittle them with the opinion that they disturb the development and modernity of Jakarta,” said Anies in the City Hall, Central Jakarta, Tuesday, October 9. “They also want job certainty as those with other professions.”

    Jakarta is the city that provides chances to all community, Anies explained. By giving an opportunity to them, Anies expected becak drivers would obtain prosperity in the capital city.

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    The governor planned to regulate becak operations, including its operational areas, as to prevent traffic disruption. He assured becak would not operate on Jalan Thamrin or Jalan Sudirman, but on roads that have no public transportation lines.

    Becak recently became public highlight since becak shelters opened in Penjagalan, Teluk Gong, North Jakarta. A total of 1,685 drivers officially joined in the Jakarta Becak Union (SEBAJA).

    The governor's plan on reoperating becak in Jakarta triggered many critics. One of them issued by Jakarta Legislative Council (DPRD) speaker Edi Prasetyo. He firmly rejected the policy. “What are the use of LRT, MRT, and Transjakarta that all subsidized by the government?” said Edi.

    In the legal viewpoint, the operation of becak violates the regional decree on public order Article 29 that noting the ban of producing, storing, operating, and using becak as public transportation. However, Anies Baswedan planned to revise the regulation with Jakarta DPRD.