PBNU says Gus Miftah Introduced God to the Darkness

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Gus Miftah’s recent viral sermon held at a night club in Bali is not considered as a despicable act by the Head of Nahdalatul Ulama’s (NU) human rights law and legislation Robikin Emhas.

    “His preach urged residents towards improvement from the darkness to the light of God,” said Robikin when Tempo contacted him today.

    Robikin argues that Gus Miftah’s sermon is his way to introduce god to a community that Robikin deems as ‘a community stuck inside the darkness’.

    Gus Miftah. facebook.com

    The religious preaches conducted by Gus Miftah, according to Robikin, is a method that he uses to reach a person without taking too much into consideration of the said person’s social background.

    “Life will hopefully run in harmony and civilized following all that,” said Robikin.

    He further said that the issues that arose following the viral video of Gus Miftah should not have been questioned by the public. Gus Miftah’s sermon in the video stated that the Lord would still bless people no matter how sinful they are.