Orangutan Found Dead with Bullets, Slash Wounds

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  • TEMPO.CO, Palangkaraya - A 20-year-old male orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus) named Baen was found dead in Tanjung Hanau Village, Central Kalimantan. The poor creature was submerged in water with bullet and slash wounds.

    Seven bullets were also found inside its body.

    Field director of the OFI, Fajar Dewanto, said he received a report from Dody Kurniawan, a ranger of the Tanjung Puting National Park about the orangutan's death.

    Dody was notified by an employee of PT Wana Sawit Subur Lestari  II, who first saw the floating body of a dead orangutan in the company's water canal.

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    We immediately sent a team from Palangka Bun to check the location," Fajar said on Wednesday, July 4.

    After initial examinations, it was concluded that Baen died from the bullet wounds and slashes on its body parts and limbs.

    There were marks of rope ties on its legs, and one of its fingers was cut off.

    Adib Gunawan, the head of Central Kalimantan's Natural Resources Conservation Agency, said that the autopsy suggests that the orangutan was abused and killed two weeks ago.

    Adib said cases of abuse and slaughter of orangutans are rampant. In January, two villagers from South Barito sadistically shot 16 bullets at an orangutan and stabbed the animal with machetes. The primate was found dead floating on Barito River

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