Police: Traffic Accident during Homecoming Decreases by 19 Pct

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - National Police spokesperson Mohammad Iqbal mentioned one of the most factors triggered the traffic accident was due to fatigue. The police recorded 771 accidents occurred since 2018 Ketupat Operation (obedient operation) until three days prior to Eid al-Fitr.

    “[The number is] decreased by 19 percent compared to data in 2017 at 1,127 incidents,” said Mohammad Iqbal today, June 13, at Police HQ, Jakarta. 

    Iqbal explained the accidents caused 163 people died or decreased by 41 percent compared to last year’s. 

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    He mentioned the peak of homecoming flow occurred on D-3 of Eid heading to West Java, Central Java, and East Java increased at 276 percent. “This is caused by the holiday of private employees,” he added. 

    Iqbal further detailed 25,702 vehicles passed Merak toll gate or increased by 341 percent compared to regular days, 22,199 vehicles passed Ciawi toll gate or increased by 8 percent, 28,554 vehicles passed Cileunyi toll gate or increased by 79 percent, and 67,096 vehicles passed Cikarang Utama toll gate or increased by 675 percent.

    The 2018 Ketupat Operation would last 18 days starting June 7 until June 24, involving 177,000 joint personnel from the National Police, Indonesian Military (TNI), firefighter officers, and from related institutions. The police also set 3,097 security posts throughout Indonesia to secure Eid’s homecoming season.