Saturday, 19 January 2019

Surabaya Vaganza, Annual Festival for Tourism Destination  

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  • ANTARA/Zabur Karuru

    ANTARA/Zabur Karuru

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Mayor of Surabaya Tri Rismaharini or Risma has set Surabaya Vaganza who was a Culture and Flower Parade as an annual event to commemorate the city’s anniversary.

    “This will be a tourism destination,” said Risma during Surabaya Vaganza in Bungkul Park, Sunday, May 6, appealing all communities and groups from every tribe and ethnicity to enliven the parade.

    Surabaya’s Secretary of General Administration Assistant Hidayat Syah mentioned as many as 83 participants. Some 41 people rode the customized cars and others acted as the marching band personnel.

    The participants came from Nias, Minang, Lampung, Bali, Bogor, Papua, India, Southwest Maluku, Tapanuli, South Sulawesi, NTT and Japan Consulate General.

    In the age of 725, Risma considered it as an old age and that the people should be wise in facing every problem. “This city is a champion city. So I asked all the resident in Surabaya to not surrender and give up. Do not hide from the problem. Let us face it and solve it together,” she said.

    Mayor Risma asserted Surabaya City will be honored with a Lee Kwan Yeuw Award in June 2018. “Thus, I demand all the communities to keep working hand-in-hand because it is our legacy that makes our city equal to other cities in the world.”