Male Civil Servant Can Submit for Paternity Leave

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Male civil servants (PNS), whose wife was about to give birth, can now submit for a maximum one month paid paternity-leave. According to State Employment Agency spokesman Mohammad Ridwan, it is already regulated by the law.

    “It’s regulated under Government Regulation No. 11/2017 on civil servant management,” said Ridwan on Friday, March 9.

    Furthermore, Ridwan said that it is also included in the State Employment Agency law No. 24/2017 on the process of granting PNS members leave. “[The paternity-leave] will not reduce the yearly allotted leave,” he explained.

    He also said that the paid paternity leave will not affect the person’s basic salary and allowances as a PNS. He added that the total duration of someone’s paternity leave will depend on the person’s authorized official. 

    Chitra Paramaesti