Reprimand Ignored, Public Minivan Drivers to Sue Anies Baswedan

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    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The representative of Tanah Abang angkot (public minivan) drivers Abdul Rosyid will sue the Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan to the court, related to the closing of Jatibaru Raya Road. It is done after the Jakarta Administration did not respond.

    “Today we will go to the Central Jakarta District Court," Rosyid said when contacted by Tempo on Tuesday, March 13.

    According to Rosyid, Tanah Abang angkot drivers have coordinated with legal counsel. For the matter, the lawsuit will be submitted in Central Jakarta District Court. "At about 10 o'clock we will be in court," he said.

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    Anies Baswedan’s policy on closing the Jatibaru Raya Road to give place for street vendors (PKL) gain a lot of criticism. Besides being sued by Tanah Abang angkot drivers, Anies also faced a case in Polda Metro Jaya because of the controversial policy.

    “We have five days to open Jatibaru Raya Road," said Abdul Rosyid, at Jakarta City Hall on Wednesday, March 7. "If this reprimand is ignored, I will proceed it to the court," he said.

    In the reprimand letter, it is mentioned that the road closing of Jatibaru Raya since December 22, has violated Article 130 (22) of 2009 on Traffic and Road Transport and Article 12 (38) of 2004 on Road.

    The drivers’ attorney, Ferdian Sustanto, said they were ready to file a lawsuit if, in 5x24 hours, Anies Baswedan did not open Jatibaru Raya Road. “We are preparing the strategy,” he said.