Sandiaga Uno Wants People to Use Transjakarta Royal Premium Bus

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  • Sandiaga Uno. TEMPO/Yola Destria

    Sandiaga Uno. TEMPO/Yola Destria

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Jakarta Deputy Governor Sandiaga Uno demanded Transjakarta directors and management teams anticipate the vehicle load in the Cikampek toll road following the odd-even policy at Jakarta – Cikampek toll road which comes to regulate starting today March, 12.

    “Transjakarta fast responded it by providing the royal premium bus,” said Sandiaga Uno at Jakarta City Hall, Central Jakarta, Monday, March 12. The bus, Sandiaga explained, is aimed to afford those unable to use private vehicles during odd-even hours.

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    Sandiaga hoped that the Royal Premium Bus will reduce vehicle load in Jakarta – Cikampek toll road. “We’ll study its impact for those workers lived in Bekasi,” he added.

    Transjakarta’s Public Relations Head Wibowo said that the Royal Trans bus is able to carry as many as 30 passengers in seats and 13 legal standees. He explained, the operated bus so far amounted to 20 units and may supply more fleets to 40 unit buses if the demand increases.

    The bus is equipped with 12 CCTV cameras to monitor every area and luggage rack that is inside and outside the bus. Sandiaga hoped Transjakarta’s Royal Trans will attract Bekasi people to further utilize public transportation heading Jakarta.