Kompas Gramedia Stops Printing 8 Magazines, Tabloids

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Indonesian publisher Kompas Gramedia decided to stop the printing of eight magazines, bulletins, and tabloids. The products, which will no longer be available in print starting next year, are Kawanku, Sinyal, Chip, Chip Foto Video, What Hi Fi, Auto Expert, Car and Turning Guide, and Motor.

    "The essence is product termination," Kompas Gramedia corporate communication officer Widi Krastawan told Tempo on Sunday, December 18. 

    The eight magazines and tabloids will no longer be issued next year. This month will see the last printed issues of each magazine and tabloid. 

    However, Widi said the products will not disappear completely. They will be integrated into four digital units. Unit I is a transformation of Kawanku, which will become an online site called cewekbanget.id ready to launch next year.

    The rest of the products will be integrated into three other units currently being developed.

    Widi said the products will be taken to a different stage. "Not printed on conventional media. This is an initiative to respond to the change in the media landscape," he said.