5 Symptoms of Pneumonia

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    Image: drpinna.com

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Broadly speaking, pneumonia is a swelling of the respiratory tract due to a small air sac filled with fluid. This is caused by bacteria and viruses that reside in the body due to a less-clean lifestyle.

    Apparently, there are still many people who are unfamiliar with the symptom of pneumonia. This is because the initial stage of the disease resembles a common cold cough, so it is often ignored. Following are the characteristics and symptoms of pneumonia.

    1. Cough with phlegm

    A cough with phlegm is a classic symptom of pneumonia. The bacteria that cause infection will form phlegm with green or yellow color. If the color changes red or resembles blood, it is an invasion of lung tissue by the pathogen.

    2. Hard to breath

    As is known, pneumonia is an infectious disease in the lungs. The pathogen that causes this disease will attack the alveoli, which is the functional structure of the lungs. Therefore, the patients will feel disturbed in terms of breathing.

    3. Confusion

    Hard to breath can cause the brain to lack oxygen and other important substances in the body. This causes delirium or confusion and unclear thinking. Generally, this will happen to older people.

    4. Discoloration of the lips and nails

    The bacteria that cause pneumonia will make people suffer from lack of oxygen in the body's cells. This will cause discoloration of the lips and nails. The lips will turn pale to bluish, while the nails will turn pale white (leukonychia).

    5. Fever

    Specifically experienced by children, the fever will usually be high or more than 37.7 degrees Celsius. This will be accompanied by shivering. But in adults, the fever that is felt is only a mild one.