Livi Zheng Moderates Asian World Film Festival

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  • Livi Zheng, young Indonesian filmmaker working in Hollywood. TEMPO/Nurdiansah

    Livi Zheng, young Indonesian filmmaker working in Hollywood. TEMPO/Nurdiansah

    TEMPO.CO, Los Angeles - Livi Zheng, producer and director of the film Brush with Danger from Indonesia, is moderating at the Asian World Film Festival; a prestigious film festival as they only screen films that are chosen by their respective countries to be submitted for the Oscars Foreign Language Film Category.

    The festivalis screening twenty international films, which are specifically submitted for the Academy Awards Oscars, Foreign Language Film category in addition to the other 14 other films they are screening. This proves the festival’s world level competitiveness as each of the films being screened was  specifically chosen by their respective countries.

    Livi Zheng moderated the film Redha that is representing Malaysia for the Oscars last week and she is moderating 3000 Nights this week, Jordan’s entry for the Oscars.

    Previously, she had two feature films that received acclaim in the international film festival world, Legend of The East and The Empire’s Throne. Legend of the East is a story about the Ming Dynasty during its most historic period of conflict.

    While it is common to have a story told from the kingdom's point of view, Legend of the East tells the story from an interesting point of view, which is through the life of a servant. Being a loyal servant of the Prince of the Ming Dynasty, he helps the prince to acquire his rightful throne.

    The film won Best Lead Actor in a Foreign Language Film and Best Supporting Actress in a Foreign Language Film. Moreover, Legend of the East was nominated for Best Foreign Language Feature Film. Legend of the East released in 2014 and was shot in China.

    The Empire’s Throne, another feature film produced by Livi Zheng, premiered at the Boston International Film Festival in 2014. The Empire's Throne is a colossal dramatic action film based on the story of the most powerful Empire in Southeast Asia.