Jamu is the Brand of Indonesia: Jokowi

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  • TEMPO/ Nita Dian

    TEMPO/ Nita Dian

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo has asked Indonesian traditional and herbal medicine (jamu) businessmen in the Jamu Businessmen Association to keep developing jamu as product that brands Indonesia as “Indonesia is jamu”.

    “Indonesia is jamu. We have to bold to build that brand,” said Jokowi during the opening of the seventh Jamu Businessmen Association National Congress on Monday.

    Jokowi said developing jamu as a brand aims to build image and perception that jamu is identical with Indonesia.

    Regarding export market, Jokowi said when it comes to beverages, food and health, countries are very protective.

    Therefore, the government in the future must create good business climate that is conducive to jamu and traditional medicine industries as well as regulations on monitoring them.

    Industry Minister Saleh Husin, who was also at the event, said he is optimistic that national jamu industry will be able to penetrate global market protection as jamu industry is able to produce high-quality jamu that meets international hygiene standards.

    “Quality control in jamu industry is getting tighter because this is to maintain consumer trust. I believe that our jamu industry players can also meet global market demand,” said Saleh.

    The national congress was also attended by Jamu Businessmen Association chairman Charles Saerang and Tourism Minister Arief Yahya.