New Port to Increase Exports, Imports Efficiency

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  • Ilustrasi pelabuhan peti kemas. TEMPO/Fahmi Ali

    Ilustrasi pelabuhan peti kemas. TEMPO/Fahmi Ali

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Supply Chain Indonesia chairman Setijadi believes that New Priok Port development project would attract large ships to dock. According to Setijadi, the size of ships is increasing to 18,000 TEUs, while Tanjung Piok Port’s Terminal II can only accommodate ships with a size up to 1,200 TEUs.

    “The New Priok Port would potentially attract larger ships and lower container shipment cost, which in turn will increase logistics cost efficiency,” Setijadi said on Sunday, May 10, 2015.

    Setijadi revealed that Singaporean port can accommodate ships with a size ranging from 16,000 to 18,000 TEUs.

    Currently, the depths of major ports in Indonesia are ranging from 6 meters to 11 meters have hampered large ships to dock resulting in a huge cost in container shipping. Setijadi said that a 16-meter depth container terminal and a 19-meter depth product terminal would potentially increase the efficiency of exports and imports.