LinkedIn Launches New Mobile App

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta-LinkedIn launches a new mobile application to support professionals in their career. The application help users to obtain up-to-date information and participate in a discussion with other professionals. Last year, only 15 percent of LinkedIn users accessed the site via mobile phone, today, the number increases to 27 percent.

    Other than its mobile phone and website accessibility, the application enables the user to create a main page through a personalized navigation.

    The new visual outlook gives more space for users to access news, check on connection updates, and post new information. This application also enables the user to participate in professional discussion by simply clicking the ‘like’ icon and writing a comment.

    LinkedIn users can now enjoy personalized navigation to their preferences, like adding shortcuts for favorite tools on accessing news and staying connected wherever they are.

    This newly designed application is set to help LinkedIn users interact with one another.  The application is now available in 15 languages, including Bahasa Indonesia, at the LinkedIn website for Android and iPhone users.