Grab, Emtek, and Bukalapak Inaugurate MSME Extensive Accelerator Program



Laila Afifa

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  • Grab, Emtek, and Bukalapak Inaugurate MSME Extensive Accelerator Program in Small Cities

    Grab, Emtek, and Bukalapak Inaugurate MSME Extensive Accelerator Program in Small Cities

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The pandemic that occurred in the last two years affected MSMEs sustainability and had an impact on the regional economy. Therefore, many cities in Indonesia need to catch up with digital technology to revive their economies.

    Backgrounded by economic uncertainty, Grab, Emtek and Bukalapak officially launch #KotaMasaDepan, an extensive MSME accelerator program, to create more income opportunities for entrepreneurs and to promote economic recovery in these regions, as well as for the national economy. This program targets MSMEs in small cities in Indonesia, focusing on three priorities: Vaccination, Digital Platform Adoption, and MSMEs Empowerment  through training and assistance for business development through digital technology. The initiative will start in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara and will continue on to Solo, Gowa, Malang and Pekanbaru, ending in December 2021.  #KotaMasaDepan Program, targets 10,000 MSMEs, focusing on: culinary  businesses, such as legendary and regional specialties culinary; non-culinary businesses, such as batik, leather and silver craft; retail food stalls, such as grocery stores, convenience stores and traditional market traders; agent businesses, such as pulse shops and basic food stalls.

    Country Managing Director, Grab Indonesia, Neneng Goenadi, explained, “We believe a big future is in small cities. Through the #KotaMasaDepan program, we can open the door to a wider market for MSME's in small cities without having to move locations, and in the end it will have a comprehensive impact on the regional economy. Digitalization has proven to be able to help MSMEs to survive during the pandemic.” said Neneng on her virtual remarks for the launch of #KotaMasaDepan on Thursday 14 October at Grab Tech Center, Jakarta.

    "This is also our support for the government's program to digitally transform 30 million MSMEs by 2024," Neneng added

    The Minister of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Teten Masduki in his written remarks said “The role of the private sector in supporting the Government is urgently needed as an effort to accelerate digital transformation. We welcome Grab, Emtek and Bukalapak's partnership strategy that embraces MSMEs in small cities.”

    In the same place, President Director of PT, Tbk., Rachmat Kaimuddin, added, "We are committed to supporting the development of MSMEs in Indonesia through digitalization. Our priority is  tier 2 and 3 cities throughout Indonesia, which is in line with our mission to create “a fair economy for all”. The main focus is to empower MSMEs and to serve underserved segments.”

    Grab, Emtek, and Bukalapak Inaugurate MSME Extensive Accelerator Program in Small Cities

    Meanwhile, Sutanto Hartono, Managing Director, PT Elang Mahkota Teknologi, Tbk,  also added that this strategic collaboration will provide MSMEs with more complete access, from logistics to financial inclusion, through the Mitra Bukalapak and GrabKios platforms. In addition, the EMTEK media network will play a role in increasing awareness for both customers and MSME players on the maximum use of digital platforms," he said.

    Grab, Emtek and Bukalapak started the #KotaMasaDepan accelerator program with vaccinations for MSMEs. Other than that, MSMEs who join this program can reach millions of Grab and Bukalapak consumers throughout Indonesia.

    Another benefit is that MSMEs also get new income opportunities by having a digital store, allowing them to maintain the stability of their businesses even during the pandemic. In the three pillars of the existing program, Grab, Emtek, and Bukalapak will combine their expertise to train and assist MSMEs in order to improve the ability of MSMEs to be ready to join the digital economy.

    Around 100 selected MSMEs from Kupang and Solo will receive: special training on business management mentored by Grab and Bukalapak; free assistance for one month in terms of design, packaging, to marketing through social media and influencers, as well as free advertising on the Grab and Bukalapak platforms.  Five selected MSMEs will receive publication on the Emtek Group media network. *)