Government Carefully Handles East Java Anthrax Case



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Six residents of a village in Tulungagung, East Java, who were allegedly infected by anthrax have been released from hospital after fully recovering from the bacterial infection. Prior to this, authorities believe the villagers had contracted it from their livestock after dozens of cattle were found dead. 

    “They are not isolated but we have educated them to always care for their personal hygiene,” said the Tulungagung Health Agency head of disease control and prevention, Didik Eka, on June 6. 

    Despite having to mitigate a highly contagious bacterial disease, Didik believes that it can be controlled as long as the livestock are routinely given antibiotics for at least 20 days since the alleged anthrax spread in the village. Residents are also under strict supervision from the local health authority and treatment. 

    “We have traced local residents since the first day of the case on Wednesday (June 2) and we also visited the village residents door-to-door,” said the head of disease control and prevention.

    Since the first case was reported on Wednesday, health authorities have found no new cases yet at the Sidomulyo Village in East Java.

    The anthrax case here also attracted the attention of the East Hava animal husbandry department and the Agriculture Ministry. A special team from the Wates Yogyakarta Veterinary Center had also been mobilized to the village.

    Based on the samples collected by the veterinary center on the livestock and village residents confirmed that anthrax bacteria was found in the cattles but are still studying the skin samples from the residents. The team expects a report will be produced on June 10. 

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