Expert Campaigns for 3K as Physiological Strategies to Tackle COVID-19



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaPeople are strongly advised to be disciplined in implementing the predetermined health protocol or 3M against the coronavirus disease of COVID-19, such as washing hands regularly, maintaining a safe distance, and wearing face masks. However, there are also psychological ways to tackle the virus. 

    Psychologist Edward Andriyanto Sutardhio mentioned 3K, viz. Kaji Informasi (reviewing information), Kelola Emosi (managing emotional health), and Kembangkan Sumber Daya (developing resources). According to him, the 3K could increase body immunity against the disease.

    “Review the incoming information, don't just look at the data on today’s new cases and deaths, but also the number of recoveries to increase positive emotions,” said Edward in a discussion held by the COVID-19 mitigation task force at BNPB Building on Monday, October 19.

    Filtering news could penetrate positive things so as to support the immunity, added the academician of the Psychology Faculty at the University of Indonesia.

    Edward also highlighted the importance of emotions management. For example, thinking about the present and doing meditation to relax and calm the self. This, he argued, can be achieved by having good communication with positive people.

    Edward went on to say that COVID-19 patients who are under treatment can also apply the last K, which is developing the surrounding resources to provide energy for ourselves. For example, praying for others or contacting families or relatives who can bring self-calm.

    Without realizing it, he said, people rarely see that there are a lot of resources that can help provide positive energy for them. “We tend to focus on feeling guilt, regret. We need to see the resources [to maintain our mental health] from now on,” said the psychologist.

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