Mayor Claims Bekasi is Safe from COVID-19



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Bekasi Mayor Rahmat Effendi on Wednesday boldly claims that the region he led since May 2012 has now recorded zero percent COVID-19 cases. He believes that Bekasi is prepared to enter a new normal phase. 

    “It’s green. We have sufficient infrastructure if new cases arise. So, don’t worry about it. Don’t fight COVID-19 but be safe from COVID-19,” said Rahmat Effendi from Bekasi on Wednesday evening. 

    The local administration is currently imposing the new normal phase that has been effective since June and last to July 2, which is extended to August 2. The mayor said that healthcare infrastructures such as hospitals and COVID-19 isolation facilities are already well prepared to anticipate the worst-case scenario. 

    The Bekasi mayor claims that his area’s Health Agency analysis has shown a 100 percent recovery rate from COVID-19 infections along with a zero percent death toll due to the virus that initially spread from Wuhan, China. 

    “This means Bekasi City is already safe,” said the mayor. 

    As of today, the city’s COVID-19 monitoring website shows nine active cases remains in West Bekasi, East Bekasi, North Bekasi, Jaitasih, Medansatria, and Rawalumbu. Patients under observation constitute zero percent.

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