Police Investigate Alleged Data Breach on Personnel Database



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Indonesian National Police criminal investigation unit (Bareskrim) is investigating the claim suggesting that there had been a major data breach on the police personnel database server, which was first revealed by a Twitter account. 

    Responding to the possible serious breach of security, national police spokesperson Brig. General Awi Setiyono said that information claiming police’s database had been hacked is untrue and guarantees that their server has been untouched by hackers.

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    The alleged data breach was first informed by a Twitter account by the name @secgron on June 15, 2020, claiming someone had hacked the entire police database and that the hackers can easily edit and change the details in the police database. 

    “The police directorate for cyber violations are still looking into the case and investigating the suspect who allegedly spread the hoax,” said Tuesday, June 16.

    General Awi Setiyono asserts that the National Police Personnel Information System (SIPP) currently circulating in social media is different from the actual SIPP that is being used by the National Police’s database system. 

    “Polri has confirmed that there has been no hacking or breach against the SIPP data because the screenshot variable circulating social media is dissimilar to the SIPP used by police,” said the police general.

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