Bekasi Launches Door-to-door Coronavirus Rapid Tests



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Bekasi health department on Thursday plans to immediately launch mass door-to-door tests that are prioritized for people under monitoring after it reportedly receiving 1,000 coronavirus (COVID-19) rapid testing kits from the West Java Province. 

    "[The rapid test kits were] picked up from Bandung," the Bekasi health agency’s secretary, Alamsyah, said upon confirmation yesterday, March 25. "The scheme is that it will be [done] in every hospital and puskesmas, so there would be no mass gatherings."

    Alamsyah elaborates that the massive scale COVID-19 tests will be prioritized to 80 medical personnel from local hospitals and healthcare centers.

    Other groups in the list of priority are those classified as people under monitoring (ODP), the 50 people that have contact history with patients under monitoring (PDP) or those who have tested positive. 

    ”This corresponds to the governor’s instruction, so not everyone will be tested,” Alamsyah said. 

    The Bekasi health department on Wednesday noon announced that there are 169 people under monitoring, 59 patients under monitoring, while 14 people in the region have tested positive for the new coronavirus disease, and one person that has recovered. 

    The global pandemic that started in China’s province of Wuhan has claimed three lives in the Bekasi region.