6 Career Choices with Crucial Roles in the Digital Age



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The fourth industrial revolution, or industrial revolution 4.0, refers to an industrial age of smart manufacturing, which marries physical production and operations with smart digital technology and machine learning. 

    In coping with this, companies have started to consider recruiting the right candidates able to innovate and adapt to the changes brought by the digital age where ‘Big Data’ up to cloud computing is often mentioned. 

    Through the job-seeking website, Jobstreet, here are the career paths crucially needed to help run businesses in the digital age. 

    1. App Developer 

    Companies in many lines of work are always racing to create applications that would further ease user-friendliness, which is why this profession is deemed crucial in the growth of the digital age. The understanding of algorithms and programming logic are the needed skills to be one. 

    2. Web Developer 

    Not too dissimilar to those of an app developer, web developers focus more on websites. This requires someone to master front end and back end developer skills, HTML, CSS, and more similar skills. 

    3. Content Creator 

    The job of a content creator is to complete the package filled by the aforementioned professions with creative content and information where people can easily digest. The skills needed are surely soft skills such as creativity and a great sense of innovation. 

    4. SEO Specialist 

    An SEO specialist is constantly in the race to modernize and update their knowledge about a search engine’s algorithm, which constantly changes as it is always updated at a fast pace. Companies relying on digital marketing heavily rely on this line of work as it is vital for a firm’s business and often pays well. 

    5. Social Media Specialist 

    Almost every internet-savvy person in this digital age would arguably have accounts on more than one social media platform. This is used by companies and businesses to use the platform to interact with their customers which is why a social media specialist must come up with great content ideas to get internet users’ feedback. 

    6. Data Specialist 

    One of the most prominent elements in the fourth industrial revolution, as mentioned in the beginning, is Big Data. This is where the role of a data scientist comes to play by compiling, processing, analyzing, and presenting these numbers into useful pieces of information that a company can use.