Severe Flooding; Anies Baswedan Faces Class Action, Special Team



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaPublic controversy over the causes of severe flooding that hit Jakarta early this year triggered many parties to demand responsibility from Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan. The city’s Legislative Council (DPRD) planned to form a flood special team.

    The Golkar faction head Basri Baco claimed on Wednesday, January 8, six factions have already agreed on the formation of the special team. They are Golkar, PAN, Nasdem, PSI, PDIP, and Democrat Party. The other three namely Gerindra, PKS, and PKB still mulled over the idea, he added.

    Gerindra faction head Rani Mauliani said on Thursday, January 9, that her side supported the plan on forming flood special team as long as it was not aimed at attacking individuals and was based on party's instruction.

    Rani opined the deadly disaster was also attributable to the provincial administration’s negligence. “For example, stationary pumps are damaged possibly due to lack of regular maintenance,” she said, adding that the team is expected to anticipate future floods in the capital.

    Additionally, a civil society coalition was set to file a class action against Anies, demanding compensation for victims’ losses. The 2020 Jakarta flood victims advocacy team member Alvon K. Palma said the suit will be submitted next week. 

    Meanwhile, Anies Baswedan balked at commenting on potential class action upon the massive flood in the city. He said he would focus on work, ensuring the services for the victims and protecting them.