Ananda Badudu Freed; Breaks Into Tears Seeing Detained Students



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Former Tempo journalist and musician Ananda Badudu broke into tears after he was let go by the Jakarta Metro Police following a stringent 5-hour questioning. In his statement, he expressed gratitude for the support coming from a number of organizations and members of the public for him.

    “I am one of the lucky ones for I was privileged to be freed immediately,” laments Ananda at the Jakarta Metro Police headquarters on Friday, September 27.

    Ananda recalled the injustice he witnessed while undergoing police questioning at the police HQ experienced by numerous college students who were nabbed in the widespread protest the past few days. He revealed that most of them were questioned without the presence of a lawyer.

    “They (the students) are processed unethically. They are in need of help more than myself,” he said.

    Amnesty Internasional Indonesia Director Usman Hamid was one of the legal representatives for Ananda and accompanied his questioning and revealed that the musician has been officially freed as he was questioned as a witness.

    “I guess we will have to wait for further developments. What’s certain is that his status as a witness. We will request for no follow-up legal processes,” said Usman Hamid.

    Both Ananda Badudu and Usman Hamid did not reveal the questions that were asked throughout the police questioning.