Five Alternative Tourism Spots in Jakarta, No Malls



Mahinda Arkiyasa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaGoing on a homecoming or not is a personal choice to make. However, those who prefer not to take on the long journey to their hometowns are not necessarily unable to enjoy a moment of vacation. Instead, deciding not to go can sometimes present memorable holiday moments by visiting relatively quiet tourism spots.

    Therefore, we would like to present you with a list of recommended tourism spots in the capital you can visit to enjoy your holiday.


    1. Ancol Recreational Park Area

    There are so many tourist attractions offered on this location. Should prefer to enjoy nature, you can visit the Ancol beach. However, if you choose to spend your fun time with your family by enjoying exciting rides, you can visit the Dunia Fantasi theme park.


    2. Mangrove Forest


    As an alternative tourism spot, you can two mangrove forest locations in the northern part of Jakarta. One location is the Mangrove Education Center Ecotourism Area, which is managed by the Jakarta Administrative Government, and the Angke Kapuk Nature Tourism Park. At the ecotourism area, you can channel your fishing hobby, while at the Angke Kapuk Nature Tourism Park, you can enjoy the fresh air and stay the night by renting a cabin.


    3. Setu Babakan

    Setu Babakan, or Lake Babakan, is a cultural heritage site located in the Jagakarsa area in South Jakarta. Here, you will be able to learn more about the Betawi culture. In addition, the lake offers various water rides you can rent, and you can find shops around the lake that provides traditional souvenirs and Betawi traditional culinary.


    4. The Old Town Area

    Visiting the old town area does not mean you just have to sit on the Fatahillah square. You can also visit the nearby museums, or visit the old colonial buildings around the area. Further, you can also enjoy a variety of foods to choose from the nearby shops and restaurants.


    5. Kite Museum

    Here you can take your family to see kites in unique designs and forms. The museum itself is a sight to look for due to its traditional Javanese architecture design. If your came at the right time, you can participate in a kite-making class or batik painting class.