How to See if Your Fried Chicken Freshly Cut or Pre Frozen

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - One of the worries shared by consumers of fast food restaurants, in general, is surely the quality of ingredients used in a product.

    In the case of fried chicken, Country Head PT. Quick Service Restaurant Daniel Harris Ishak shared several tips that would help customers detect whether a fried chicken came from a fresh cut of chicken or frozen chicken.

    The head of the company that holds the rights to Texas Chicken franchise said that the details reveal its source; “It’s really easy to know whether a restaurant uses frozen chicken or not. Pay attention to the bones before eating your meal,” said Daniel.

    According to Daniel, a pre-frozen chicken will reveal darkened areas in its bones, especially in its corners. Meanwhile, a piece of chicken freshly cut earlier in the day would keep its juicy taste.

    He explained that Texas Chicken would use chicken cuts that were only butchered at a maximum of three days before it is served to customers. He also said that during those days, the chickens get marinated for a whole day.

    After a batch is marinated, it gets kept in the chiller but is not frozen. “The chickens fried this day must be entirely out of stock since there would be another fresh batch for the following day,” he explained.